Who Am I?

I am Tracy and I have been serving in the healing of many individuals for over 20 years within statutory services.
I am now in a position to offer myself and my experience and healing abilities to you at a time and location that is best for you.

I am a solitary Practitioner who provides healing services in my own home or online if required.  I own this business and have no employees or shareholders.

I am a supporter of individuality in any form that htis takes and make no discrimination for gender or any other identity.

I am not afraid of any story or situation and will never tell someone they are too complex for help.

I generally try to avoid waiting lists 

Tracy Morgan
Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

It is my life's mission to empower as many people as possible to embark on their lifelong healing journey.


Whatsapp me at 07576881271

Call or text me at 07576881271

email ultravioletholistictherapies@gmail.com



Started to work in the NHS and also made a discovery that i was able to use the power of healing touch to alleviate pain but had no training in this


Offered healing to close friends and family and also noticed that i could remove areas of stress , anxiety and distress in tandem to physical discomfort

1997 -2005

Began my academic studies within Psychology and gained a BSc Hons in Psychology.  During this time i completed modules in Transpersonal Psychology and also Parapyschology.

During this time i also concurrently studied as an Occupational Therapist and graduated as a qualified therapist with my second BScHons in June 2005.

My Journey as a Therapist in Statutory Services

I still work in the NHS in Urgent Care Mental Health Services as a Clinical Lead


I worked in the community as a therapist with young people experiencing the first episode of psychosis.  My job really involved preventing long term conditions of bi polar disorder and Schizophrenia. I used a client empowerment approach which taught them that they, and they alone, were the 'boss' of them and labels dont define anyone. What i now is that i was using a form of Hypnotherapy called Ericksonian therapy.


In January 2022 i was guided to embark on my Reiki training and was attuned to Usui and Holy Fire III at degrees 1 & 2 in Early 2022 and Master teacher and Pratitioner in 2023.

Mental Health Liaison

As I noted above i continue to work in the NHS where i address the acute distress of people who are severely self harming, acting on suicidal ideas and urges and also managing the fallout from trauma and historic and current abuse situations.


In 2022-2023 I also was trained and attained my Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which has also enhanced my Reiki Practice to encompass the Holy Fire Experience to be deeper and also neurological in the way it creates change in clients.

Reiki Affiliations

Reiki Federation UK

Registered and affliated with RFUK member number2023212

Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council CNHC

Membership number to be confirmed

My Clinic Space

For those of you lucky enough to live in the local area my sessions are conducted in my home and there is a dedicated and comfortable space for your healing to take place.

For those more remote do not worry i also can conduct distance reiki session via Google Meet and these sessions can also be recorded and sent to you if you so wish.

A Little Bit About Reiki

A Universal Energy that the Practitioner is Connected to for Healing Self and Others


I offer hands on and hands off Reiki. For hands off Reiki  I use a combination of Holy Fire III experiences and Hypnotheraputic approaches to achieve this.

Hands on Reiki is not like a massage where you need to be unclothed but is a combination of hand positions to aid the energetic flow.


Just like the instinctive way we all rub a stubbed toe and kiss better a child's graze, Reiki is the principal of this instinctive urge.

Reiki Practitioners are attuned to specific modalities of harnessing this energy to maximise its efficacy.

The Reiki Practitioner does not direct the energy and does not diagnose any problems you may have.  The Reiki Energy itself is intelligent and knows where to direct itself for maximum benefit for the client.

Symbols of the Reiki Practitioner

These symbols are given to and learned by the Reiki Practitioner and these are used for the good of the client receiving the treatment

Reiki and Science

Reiki Federation UK 


Reiki Council


Reiki Healthcare Research Trust

All of the organisations opposite are highly invested to provide a scientific database to support use of Reiki within mainstream healthcare.  Find them by clicking the links.




What Does Reiki by Tracy actually Treat

With over 20 years of therapy service provision in the UK NHS specialising in mental health and wellbeing you can be reassured that your healing is in safe and reliable hands.


Stress is a human process but sometimes this completely gets in the way of everything that brings us joy.

Whether its just overwhelm or a period of shock or distress Reiki can help you


Like stress, anxiety can get in the way of everythin you want to do and enjoy doing.  Att its absolute worst it can be completely unbearable and so painful that we cannot function.  Reiki can assist with you shedding this abnormal anxiety and getting on with your life.


CAn't eat or eating too much of the wrong stuff?

Not able to sleep or sleeping so much you get literally nothing done?

Feeling you cannot reach out to the joy and good things in your life and that you are somehow separated from everything and everyone that makes your life an actual life?

Unable to think through a problem and find a solution or overthinking everything so much you are exhausted all the time?

Any of these and you could be depressed.

Reiki is shown to help with recovery from a depressive episode.


Injuries of all sorts addressed, as the Reiki is the intelligent force in this intervention instantaneous or magical pain relief is definitely not guaranteed.  Your pain may be a signal telling you to slow down or that you are on the wrong trajectory in in your life.  Many of my clients have reported instant relief from long standing pain in certain joints after a treatment.

Long Term Chronic Conditions





Rheumatoid Arthritis


Severe Mental Illness SMI (schizophrenia, bi polar, borderline, PTSD, Complex PTSD}

This list is not exhaustive and all conditions can benefit from Reiki treatment to calm the mind and body from a spiritual perspective.



Whether you have had a single trauma like bereavement or an accident or if the issue is historical and long term like abuse or childhood neglect  I have had many clientss with thesse backgrounds and all have spoke of the long term and far reaching benefits they experienced while undergoing Reiki treatment.

Price List

Reiki Treatment 60 mins  £50 

Reiki Treatment including Holy Fire III experience 90 mins   £65

Reiki Training Level 1 Usui/ Holy Fire III  1 day  £150

Reiki Practitioner Training Level 2 Usui/ Holy Fire III 1 day  £175

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Training Usui / Holy Fire III 3 days £650

Spiritual Readings 60 mins £50

Spiritual Readings 90 mins £75 (includes treatment)

Developments and Updates

This is the video i created to update my Facebook Group (Self Actualising Trauma Thrivers) as a reboot and update on offerings.  Free free to check us out on facebook and join our safe community of those wanting to grow out of surviving and start thriving after any sort of trauma.

Contact Me

Telephone: 07576881271

E-mail: ultravioletholistictherapies@gmail.com


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Tracy Morgan

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

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